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What Is The Biggest Challenge Integrated Touch Screen?

The biggest challenge with an integrated digital touch screen is figuring out what you want to accomplish with installation. Without knowing this, it's hard to successfully integrate interactive touch technology to meet your business goals.

For example, a store may invest in a large touch screen to attract more users to its brand story or to provide a more intimate and personalized experience with a smaller screen. Some businesses even consider deploying kiosks if they want to broaden the range of self-service options. We often advise businesses to start with a simple installation and see if they need to scale up and invest in more touch screens.

Another mistake that shops make before making sure their websites or digital content are ready to support it is investing in technology. A well-designed, fully functional website, also optimized for digital signage, will help to make a positive impression on customers who are browsing e-commerce sites. If the store does not do this, it may hinder their potential to invest in touch screen.