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What Is The Membrane Switch Of The Flexible Membrane Switch

What is the membrane switch of the flexible membrane switch?

First, the meaning of the membrane switch:

Membrane switch is a kind of text mark, trademark, transparent window and display integrated with decorative and functional.

Second, the membrane switch structure

A, Panel: Face sheet with logo product logo, graphic, control keys, etc.

B, surface adhesive: double-sided adhesive tape connecting panel and circuit layer;

C, line: according to product requirements for a certain line distribution, so as to achieve a certain function;

D. Adhesive: Adhesive membrane switch and double-sided adhesive for injection moulding shell or other stickers.

Third, the characteristics of membrane switch:

A, beautiful appearance, novelty;

B, small size, thin thickness, light weight, more conducive to computer keyboard to light, thin, short, small and high-intelligent direction of development;

C, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-oil and harmful gas, strong sealing, acid and alkali resistance;

d, long life, resistant to bending.

Fourth, the classification of membrane switch

A, flexible membrane switch: The mask layer, isolation layer and circuit layer of the membrane keyboard are all composed of films with different properties;

B. Hard membrane keyboard: The pattern and circuit of the switch are made on the common printed circuit copper clad board;

C. Plane membrane keyboard: The keys on the membrane keyboard represent the position, shape and size of the keys in different colors.

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