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What Is The Necessity And Importance Of Membrane Switch Proofing?

What is the necessity and importance of membrane switch proofing?

The sample is the weight basis of the quality control of the Haiwen Membrane Switch and the tool for communication and communication with customers. Its role is mainly reflected in the

The next two aspects.

First, the sample can help the customer to check the various information contained in the document in order to make timely changes, such as fonts, diagrams

Cases, colors, etc. Color is the most difficult to control in proofing, because different panel materials, thick ink will cause changes in the color of the sample


Second, the sample can be used as a contract between the customer and the membrane switching plant. Contract samples should be accurately provided with the final membrane switch

Consistent color, and the contract sample is best to be printed shortly before the mass production, so as to avoid the sample fade due to a longer storage time, loss


Proofing is the link between prepress production and printing, allowing users to anticipate the effects of the final membrane switch before mass production. can

Provides standards for the entire membrane switch production process, providing a powerful guarantee for the improvement of membrane switch quality.

Two ways of membrane switch proofing

First, soft proofing

Soft proofing is implemented on a color display, which is undoubtedly the most convenient, fastest and cheapest kind of proofing method.

The color monitor has high accuracy and must be correctly calibrated. The obvious disadvantages of the soft proofing method are: low resolution, only

There is 72dpi; the accuracy of the color depends on the performance and calibration of the display, the metal color can not be accurately reflected; can not be behind

Membrane switch production process for reference.

Second, traditional proofing

Need to output film film and production network version, and then complete the proofing on the screen printing machine. Traditional proofing sample and production versions

The production process is the same. The same file data is used for proofing and mass production. Potential problems such as moire and color can be found through proofing.

Problems such as color and font patterns. Haiwen Membrane Switch has a high level of sample preparation technology and requires professional technicians to produce it.

Accurate and perfect samples, with high labor intensity, many processes involved, high cost, and long sample production cycle.

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