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What Is The Waterproof Function Of The Membrane Switch Panel

Some membrane switches that are common in production and life have good effects in terms of waterproofing, oil proofing, and dustproofing. So, what is the performance of the waterproof membrane switch? Let's take a look at the following.

       What kind of characteristics does the membrane switch with strong waterproof performance have? It is what kind of material can operate normally in the face of rain. The main feature of the waterproof membrane switch is that a waterproof insulating layer is coated on the conductive circuit surface so that the conductive line is not in direct contact with the pressure sensitive adhesive layer. In addition, the through holes are not opened in the range of 5 m/m from the upper and lower circuit surfaces, and the interlayer vents are not in communication with the outside. Thereby, the insulation resistance of the conductive line is lowered due to moisture absorption of the adhesive layer and the condition of impregnation of moisture into the circuit is improved. Therefore, it has the advantages of better waterproof and moisture resistance.

    The waterproof membrane switch has the characteristics of high-performance waterproof material, which makes the product use in 95% moisture environment. I don't worry about rain at all, and can use it in harsh environments.

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