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What Kinds Of Classification Of Thin Film Keyboards

What kinds of classification of thin film keyboards

1. Flexible thin film keyboard

The flexible thin film keyboard is a typical form of the film keyboard. This type of thin film keyboard is called flexible because the mask layer, isolation layer and circuit layer of the thin film keyboard are all made up of various kinds of software films.

The circuit layer of the flexible film keyboard adopts the polyester film (PET) which has good electrical performance as the carrier of the switch circuit. Because of the properties of the polyester film, the film has good insulation, heat resistance, flexural resistance and high resilience. The graphics of the switch circuit, including the connecting line of the switch and its lead line, are all printed with a low resistance and a conductive coating cured under low temperature conditions. Therefore, the whole film keyboard is composed of a certain degree of flexibility, not only suitable for the use of the plane, but also with the surface. The flexible film keyboard lead wire and the switch body itself is one, in the online production of group switch, the film together in a place, and from the outward extension according to the design specified location and standard line, as soft and bendable, sealed lead wire and the rear circuit connected.

Two. Hard film keyboard:

Hard film keyboards refer to the patterns and lines of the switch that are made on a common printed circuit copperplate. The characteristic of the hard film keyboard is to take the material, the process is stable, the resistance is low, and some components in the circuit can be welded directly on the back of the keyboard. In the case of small area, the hard lining layer can be saved. Hard film keyboard generally uses metal guide to guide the labyrinth contact, so better feel. The disadvantage is not associated with, in the soft film keyboard is convenient, often need to plug welding and the flat cable will lead. The hard film keyboard information feedback, except for the beep signal and the LED indication, can be widely used in metal hand flake.

Three. Flat film keyboard:

The keys on the thin film keyboard, which represent the position, shape and size of the key body in different colors, are more common in the initial stage of the film keyboard. Stereoscopic film keyboard: usually, the keypad on the film keyboard only uses color to express the position, shape, and size of the key body. In this way, operator's vision can only be used to identify the accuracy of operation, because there is no appropriate feedback information indicating whether the finger is in the effective range of the switch, so that the operation of the switch can be made, thus affecting the confidence and speed of the whole machine monitoring. A thin film keyboard that makes a key body slightly convex, slightly higher than the panel and forms a stereoscopic shape, called a stereoscopic key switch. Stereo keys can not only accurately given the key body, improve the recognition speed, so that the operator touch sensitive, but also improve the appearance of the product. The decorative effect of making three-dimensional key, must have arrangements in the design stage panel, with technological hole, in order to have accurate positioning in the mould pressing. Two times the height of the three-dimensional raised more than generally not substrate thickness. For the appearance of a beautiful product, there are many changes in the protruding of the protruding film keyboard.

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