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What Preparations Should Be Made Before The Membrane Switch Is Printed

Membrane switch manufacturers will be prepared before the screen switch panel screen printing, only to make sufficient preparation work to avoid failure in production or excessive quantity of defective products. Therefore, the staff will attach great importance to preparations. So, what are the preparations for screen printing of membrane switch panels?

1. Select the appropriate scraper according to the characteristics of the substrate.

2. Check whether the printed materials and products are in error, check whether the surface treatment of the printed materials, static cleaning, etc. meet the requirements.

3, clean up the surrounding sanitation, the retreat and humidity of the workshop, the conditional can be equipped with air conditioning and dehumidification equipment. These are all related to the tidy and overprinting accuracy of the panel.

4, to fully understand the characteristics of the substrate, printed materials, understand the size and shape of the panel.

     We must be fully prepared in the membrane switch industry or in other industries. Only in this way can we produce high quality products and avoid some troubles.

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