• Membrane Switch

    Membrane Switch

    A membrane switch, also called a membrane keyboard or membrane keypad, is a momentary switching device composed of a series of flexible layers of polymer films and adhesives.Read More
  • Touch Screen

    Touch Screen

    As touch screens continue to be the preferred interface for many consumer electronics, more and more industrial designers are evaluating how they can best incorporate this technology into the products they're designing.Read More
  • IMD


    IMD, Keypad, is an abbreviation of “In-Mould Decoration” or “In-Mold decoration, goes beyond flat screen printed on its graphic substrates (Silicon rubber, PET, PC,) by offering to actually give shape to customizer’s graphics.Read More
  • Graphic Overlay

    Graphic Overlay

    Graphic overlay, is a similar with the label. There is the printing-side on the top-layer and the adhesive on the back side. For the Membrane Switched Industry, we work the printing side by the silk screen printing.Read More
  • Flexible Circuits

    Flexible Circuits

    Flexible circuits, its based material is PET (Polyester sheet). The process goes by Silk Screen Printed, to print the silver paste (conductive ink), the carbon ink, and the UV insulation ink on the PET film.Read More
  • Aluminium Nameplate

    Aluminium Nameplate

    Nameplate, in the membrane switch industry, is also called the membrane overlay or graphic overlay.Read More
  • Control Panel

    Control Panel

    Control Panel is used in all electric products. The structure includes the graphic / front layer, Circuit layer (PCB, FPCB…) and the rear & back side (adhesive or board) to combine with the mechanical part.Read More
  • Printed Circuit Solutions

    Printed Circuit Solutions

    Kaike Electronics Printed Circuit Solutions (PCS) offer clean sheet mechanical and electrical design, development and test support, including modeling and empirical testing. Read More