Mobile Phone Touch Screen Parts

Mobile Phone Touch Screen Parts
Cell Phone Application Touch Screen Panel
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Mobile Phone Touch Screen Parts

Multi Touch Screen
1. Fast resoponse
2. CE, RoHS approved
3. Sensitive, scratchproof
4. Life time more than 1, 000, 000times
Mini Touch Screen
1. Life Time: >1, 000, 000 times
2. Response Time: ≤ 15ms
3. Linearity≤ 1.5%
4. Transparacy≥ 92%, Up to 100%
5. Thickness: ITO Glass: 1.8mm; ITO Flim: 0.188mm
6. Scanning Speed: 50scans/s
7. Minimum Touch object >3mm
8. Touch Resolution Interpolated: 4096 X 4096
9. Pen Sliding Durability≥ 35millions times
10. CE, RoHS compliance, 1 year warranty
Electricity parameter
Operating Voltage: ≤ 10V
Insulation Resistance: ≥ 20MΩ /25V(DC)
Power Supply: USB Power
Operation System: WindowsXP\2003\vista\7\Linux \android
Communication: USB / RS-232
Environmental condition
Operating Temperature: 10° C~+60° C
Storage Temperature: -20° C~+70° C
Operating Humidity: 10%~90%RH
Storage Humidity: 10%~95%RH
Direct Light No Disturbing
Life Time 7-year

Main features
Easily installed and removed.
1. No need to open up the monitor or computer case.
2. No external power supply is needed either. Used in any country with voltage from 100 to 240.
3. Activated on touch by almost anything - finger, fingernail, gloved hand or stylus.
4. Remain left-right mouse-button functions on screen.
5. Eliminates the electrostatic and reduces the radiation generated from the monitor.
6. Excellent scratch and chemical resistance.
7. Custom for different brands and models like Phillip, LG, Sang sung and Sony etc.
6 Super advantages:
1. No limitation for touch points numbers in WIN7
2. Supportmax 6 touches in Android currently.
3. Can work with Mac, but currently can detect single touch in MAC.
4. Can support 64 points in Windows 8.
5. Less than 6 points, it's driver-free, plug and play in Win7/Win8. (the first of supplier in China on this application )

Touch Screen Applications

Large Size Information Kiosks

Gaming Machine, Lottery, POS, ATM and Museum Library,

Government projects and 4S Shop

Electronic catalogs

Computer-based traning

Eductioin and Hospital Healthcare

Digital Signage Advertisement

Industrial Control System

AV Equip & Rental business

Simulation Application

3D Visualisation /360 Deg Walkthrough

Interactive touch table

Large Corporates

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