Touch Screen Panel

Touch Screen Panel
Glass Screen
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Touch screen

High Transmission > 99.9%

Nice Adhesion, Bubbleless

Never Drift, High Stability

Structure: Film+Glass+FPC

Touch screen


Input Finger, Glover Finger, stylus

Material ITO Glass Thickness 0.7; 1.1, 1.8, 2.0, 3.0mm

ITO Film Thickness 0.188 mm

Environmental Operation Temperature-20° C - 60° C

Storage Temperature -20° C -70° C

Electrical Operating Voltage 5V


X, Y Resistance 30Ω -300Ω (snall various by the screen size)

Noise 5 m sec-15sec

Operation current 5mA-25mA

Insulation imedance>20MΩ (DC25V)

Resolution impedance>20MΩ (25V)

Resolution 4096*4096

Mechanical operating force 15-70g

Surface hardness 3h

Life expectance>1, 000, 000

Nib 0.8mm, playing key load 100g, hit the speed button 5 times/sec

Optical Light Transmission>80%

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Product Table

Circuit grade:5V(DC),35MA

Surface hardness:3H


Light trasmittance

Film to film76%

Knocking life1,000,000times(click at single point

Film to glass80%

Stroke life:100,000times


Quivering time at contact point:15ms

Operation temperature:-10°Cto +60°C(humidity:20% to 90%.without condensation of water bead



Storage temperature:-20°Cto +70°C(humidity:20% to 90%.without condensation of water bead

Linearity:1.5%(1.0% under special requirements

Glass thickness:0.55mm,0.7mm,1.1mm,1.8mm,3.0mm

Operation pressure:10g to 100g(pen tip or finger touch

Glass types:plain glass,chemical tempered glass